Homeschooling, a two year old?!

I bet you read this title and went “Dionna, you’re out of your damn mind?!” I mean, it’s a half-truth. Why in the world would I even try to sit with an almost two year old, and try to implement coping, learning, and listening. CRAZY RIGHT?! Guess what, your little people are capable of BIG […]

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Welcome mama, pop a squat

Thanks for joining me! “EW a mess!” – Eden upon seeing 1 whole cracker on the floor, or secretly judging my life. We worry about our tiny peanuts making their Milestones, but do we ever reach ours as moms? Do you feel worn down, fragile, like an emotional time bomb. It’s normal, and I’m here […]

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The mom pouch.

I’ve always had like a weird floppy belly. It’s fine. I’ve gotten used to it. But kids def didn’t make it any better, and while I like to consider myself very confident, sometimes clothing would take this away from me. Nothing like trying on jeans and it looks like you have a second vagina somehow?! […]

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TMI time

This post is about my period So please move on if that disgusts you 😂 Anyway, no one enjoys getting their period. Except for maybe the relief of knowing your quickie in the kitchen isn’t gonna cause baby number 3. Anyway, my period was really heavy before kids. I never imagined it would get even […]

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I already miss the days

I miss the days of snuggles and cooing, you curled up like you’re still in the womb. Swaddles and bonnets, how small you looked to the world. I miss the wonder in your eyes as you took in your surroundings, how fragile you were, so beautiful. I still love you dearly baby boy and girl, […]

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It’s not fun

It can be, I’m sure. But about 75% of the time being a mom is not fun. I love my tiny cute humans i made. I love them with every fiber of my being. But my days are not fun, I wake up and feed everyone real food except myself, maybe a granola bar for […]

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The ugly truth of being a mom.

It’s all fun and games until you hate yourself. Yes, I said it. I look in the mirror and hate what I see. “You housed babies, you’re a blessing, love your body” Fucking eat my whole dick Brenda. Every morning I wake up, and I’m greeted in my bathroom by , idk, not me that’s […]

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What a weird few months.

I went back to church with the help of my friend Jill, because I’m anxious with new places. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought “hey I finally have faith” But after soul searching, no i did not. And although the smiling faces, free coffee, and inspirational speaking did make me feel warm and fuzzy. I […]

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Addiction and family.

This is a PSA for everyone who knows me. If you believe that addiction is not a disease, get the fuck away from me. If you’re offended oh well. I Do Not Care. My whole entire life was ruined by addiction. I suffer from crippling depression from it and I was not even the one […]

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