Homeschooling, a two year old?!

I bet you read this title and went “Dionna, you’re out of your damn mind?!” I mean, it’s a half-truth. Why in the world would I even try to sit with an almost two year old, and try to implement coping, learning, and listening. CRAZY RIGHT?! Guess what, your little people are capable of BIG […]

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Welcome mama, pop a squat

Thanks for joining me! “EW a mess!” – Eden upon seeing 1 whole cracker on the floor, or secretly judging my life. We worry about our tiny peanuts making their Milestones, but do we ever reach ours as moms? Do you feel worn down, fragile, like an emotional time bomb. It’s normal, and I’m here […]

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Nutrition, fitness and more

Hello 👋 currently being certified in a butt load of things and then probably starting a business or something. Who knows. Not me, just going with the flow. Anyway! I’ll be posting little snippets about topics to help you mamas out ! Obviously not gonna give away the whole shebang of my knowledge because then […]

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The big sippy cup review.

Hey mommy’s! If you’re anything like me you can’t seem to find the perfect sippy cup because either you hate the cup, or your kid does. So I went through this pain for you, and this is my sippy cup review, specifically with sippy cups you can find at Target. The munchkin brand is pretty […]

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